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We help companies design Business Analytic Solutions that provide insights to decide the direction they will end up taking in the future. Some of the common ways in which business analytics has been utilised so far include increasing bottom line and profitability, delivering greater and more sustainable risk management, cost reduction, customer retention and experience. We help you achieve a clear competitive advantage by using data to explain the performance of your business.

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Excellent Track Record

AIOps and IT infrastructure monitoring platform, simplifies and modernizes IT operations for complex, multi-cloud & distributed environments

We build Data Pipelines

Data pipelines enable the flow of data from an application to a data warehouse, from a data lake to an analytics database, or into a payment processing system, for example.

Business Intelligence

Customer data can be your best tool to drive loyalty – discover data do's and don'ts. Discover exclusive, actionable customer experience insights and advice. Discover free insights.

We build

Analytics and Data Processing Apps


Professional AI and ML Experts


Customer Satisfaction


Data Sources

Data Agnostic Analytics

Capture and organize your data

Acquisition of operational data (BACNet, OPC, SQL, ...)

Automated diagnosis

Performance indices
Optimization measures Complete diagnostic reports


Task Management
Energy monitoring
Permanent energy saving

Analytical software dedicated to continuous commissioning
Think Ahead

Our analytical software platforms take all the guesswork out of energy efficiency improvement strategies with real numbers and bankable results

An Integrated Approach

Starting with a comprehensive analysis, we identify areas for efficiency improvements and create a package of solutions tailored to your business needs

Turanz Energy Analytics Research program

Government has committed over $20 million to develop the Energy Analytics Research (EAR) program as a partnership

Professional and Experienced Energy Analytics Experts

You've Come to The Right Place

With 15 years of experience, Turanz specializes in software and services related to energy efficiency, data analytics and machine learning. Our technologies in unified communications, cloud services, data analytics, building performance and energy management are initiatives designed to help businesses think smarter and reduce their operational costs while reducing their carbon footprint. Turanz headquarters are located in Ottawa, Canada at the heart of our nation’s capital. As global specialist in energy efficiency, commissioning (Cx), recommissioning (RCx), M&V, automatic fault detection, diagnostics, building performance management and data analysis; our software and solutions are designed to integrate with your IT service management strategy. Since 2006, our team offered a wide range of IT tools related to maintenance and asset management for all types of companies. Our software development, services and tools are ideal for initiating an eco-energetic shift or for optimizing the energy performance of your project. With Turanz, you get the reliability, simplicity, convenience, and confidence you need to build long-term partnerships to ensure your goals and operations run smoothly.

Energy Efficiency is a multi-layered complex concept encompassing many areas of your business. To identify areas of potential improvement requires in-depth analysis of billing and consumption, plant and equipment and procedural practices.

Most businesses are too busy running their business to take on the challenge required to complete a meaningful improvement in energy efficiency.

Our comprehensive 3-step process was developed to address the issue of assisting time-poor business operators to reap the financial and environmental benefits of implementing energy efficient products and practices.

The Turanz Energy Analytics 3-Step process is a free service. In general, our customers take up an TEA Solutions Package because the cost of doing so creates an instant reduction in current energy expenditure even under finance.

System listing
Energy flow
Optimization measures
Task management
Energy monitoring
Human machine interface 
Fault detection and diagnosis (AI)  
Performance indices (KPI)  
Machine learning  
Schedule monitoring  
Cycling detection  
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What Our Client's Say

The Turanz Team were an absolute pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, professional and our finished product exceeded expectations.
Shirley Parker
Ottawa, Canada
Arda and his team were diligent, dedicated and analytical. They were instrumental ensuring the success of our project at one of the world's largest airlines.
Philippe (G.M. M5T)
Quebec, Canada
If you are looking for Energy Analytics experts, then Turanz are for you. Love the work done with CanmetENERGY. Real-time energy Analytics.
Terry Franklin
Ontario, Canada