Turanz Energy Analytics (TEA)

As the global demand for energy consumption continues to accelerate, the race to build more energy efficient products is intensifying. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) equipment manufacturers in particular face pressure to meet increasingly demanding efficiency regulations in North America, Australia and around the world. 

The United States EPA, Canada’s (NRCan) CanmetEnergy, Australia’s CSIRO and others have spend over two decades trying to answer questions like:-

  • How can we keep HVAC systems running efficiently to reduce costs and GHG (CO2). 
  • How effective is any M&V strategy vs. ROI.
  • What is the effectiveness of Continuous, Ongoing Commissioning and is there a ROI.
  • How effective are software tools like data loggers, Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics Systems, Machine Learning and AI. Again is there any Cost vs. Savings benefits.
  • How much energy reduction would have to be sacrificed in order to maintain minimum acceptable indoor air quality performance of HVAC systems in the course of energy efficiency projects?
  • How well can commonly used HVAC systems and controls be relied upon to satisfy generally accepted indoor air quality standards for HVAC systems when they are operated according to design specifications?
  •  What is the energy cost associated with meeting ASHRAE or NABERS indoor air quality performance standards for HVAC systems? 

Our experience working with Government Research and Development organisations, Turanz’s software and product development in these areas, and partnerships with early adopters for practical experience and data, has given Turanz valuable insights into the viability of deploying some of this technology at a mass scale. 

Turanz is one of two companies capable of capturing equipment-level performance data without relying on a BMS. This unique capability, combined with one of the largest HVAC/R performance library of insights, delivers a high-ROI solution for any asset type. This is a big claim, so we challenge you to try our free open cloud solution. 

Turanz’s TEA just like CanmetEnergy’s RETScreen empowers professionals and decision-makers to rapidly identify, assess and optimize the technical and financial viability of potential clean energy projects. This decision intelligence software platform also allows managers to easily measure and verify the actual performance of their facilities and helps find additional energy savings/production opportunities.